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My name is Alexis Granelli, thank you for visiting my website. Fifteen years ago I moved from North America to Europe, obtained a degree in International Communications and Business from The American University of Paris and I now live in Italy with my husband and our beautiful daughter.   

It’s my sincere belief that good sleep is vital for the whole family, both parents and children.

After my baby was born, we suffered months of sleep deprivation, as most new parents do.  I felt exhausted and hopeless, but couldn’t bear to leave my baby alone to cry until she fell asleep.

After reading several books on infant sleep and trying many different methods, I found “Good Night, Sleep Tight” by Kim West (akaThe Sleep Lady).  Following her method, my daughter went from waking every two hours at night to sleeping 11 hours straight!

I decided to become a Gentle Sleep Coach, graduating in January 2019, because I believe in Kim’s methods and have seen firsthand the positive changes they can make for exhausted families.

It would be an honor and privilege to share my experience with your family and find a gentle way to get the rest you all deserve.

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